distraction1145 (distraction1145) wrote in bc_talk,

I've been on YAZ for a little over 2 years now and never had problems, even if I didn't take the pill every month, or even if I wanted to skip the placebos and start a new packet, no problems what so ever. Until recently....

I took BC all in January then skipped it in Feb. And started it in March again. Towards the end of the month before the placebos, I had sex with my boyfriend (unprotected) about 4 times, and skipped the placebos and started a new packets because I see him once a year & didn't want my period to ruin anything. I went home that Monday (Placebos were suppose to start Saturday) and on Tuesday I had horrible cramps. HORRIBLE. to the point where i had to sit on the ground and rock back and forth. I went to the bathroom and this huge, something came out....it wasn't like a blood clot, because it was about the size of my hand, and it wasn't really bloody or anything...it honestly looked like a raw chicken cutlet, it was pinkish, had like peach colored little dots all over it, and after that my cramps were gone. And while I was still taking the pill, I had my period for close to a week...mostly light though. That's never happened.

I searched in previous posts, and couldn't find anything. Any ideas? Thank you!
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