About my rejected post

I posted my experience with a specific brand of birth control pills, but my post was rejected.  However, in the community rules, it explicitly states that this type of post is allowed, in item #4:

"We welcome you to share your own personal experience, as long as you present it as personal experience, not as fact or what someone else will experience."

If this type of post is really not allowed, I'd like to ask for the rules on the front page to be modified so as to not cause any further confusion.
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So I read the posting rules for the community, and I didn't want to upset anyone and just post what i wanted to . Since my post will possible seem like an advertisment or what not, and is not a strictly birth control question, I'd thought I'd come here first and run through y'all first. I understand if this post doesn't get approved for the site, or if you like to change any of the wording.

-------Here is what the post would say:
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I just tried to comment on a post and it said I was banned from commenting? I was banned back in February (it was a misunderstanding and a mod was supposed to lift my ban that day). Here is that entry:


Did she not lift my ban? As far as I know, this is the first time I have tried commenting since then and I can't think of another reason I'd be banned.

Thank you!

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I was put on temporary ban over a year ago, and was told to comment here in 2 weeks to be unbanned, but never did. I really want to comment on the discussion post that was just posted, but am not allowed to do so.

Could I be unbanned?

Curious as to why I was banned from the Birthcontrol community?


This is the conversation in question. I HONESTLY did not write that with "an attitute". I was apologizing and stating that my I would be sure to double check facts before I commented again. 

I am grateful that she informed me of the correct information. I took total responsibility for my incorrect comment. I did not take it personally. That is her job as a moderator and I understand that.

Why was I banned for apologizing and stating that my mistake would not happen again? I'm assuming my post was taken WAY out of context and was read to be sarcastic or rude in some way. It was in no way intended to come across that way and I apologize if it did.

ETA: If I am banned for the incorrect information, I completely understand. What I understand though, is I am being banned for "my attitude", which is why I am addressing this. I just wanted to clarify that I had no attitude, hard feelings, or anything of the sort towards any of the mods here. I understand that it is their job.

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I don't understand why I have just been banned when I posted two sources for my information, one of which is what we pharmacists & pharmacists in training use for all our drug interactions so I highly doubt it's wrong.
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birthcontrol has been hacked!

Hi everyone,

Bad news. It seems like the hackers love our community, because last night birthcontrol got hacked again. We know about it, and it's been reported. Everything will be back to normal soon, but in the meantime-


The links in the post lead to pages with Russian poetry. I assume they're like last time, and may have a virus. We would remove it if we could, but we don't have the ability right now. Please don't put yourself at risk.

Thanks, guys. I just wish I could have caught it in time. We'll post as soon as we've got the community back.
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This is in response to a warning I received on this post: http://community.livejournal.com/birthcontrol/4808359.html

My intent was not to scare her or provide false information. My intent was to inform the poster that the Mirena IUD does, in fact, contain hormones, and even though it is a very small dose it is still quite possible to have negative side effects. The side effects that she says she had with all three of her previous HBC choice were more than enough to use as a base for saying that Mirena can have negative side effects similar to HBC.

And when I say "similar to HBC," I'm referring very specifically to the fact that the hormone used in Mirena (levonorgestrel) is the same as in many other forms of HBC, including Levora, which the poster has said she used and had a bad experience with. I feel that this was an appropriate statement to make in the context of the poster's individual circumstances and in the interest of providing well-rounded information.

If someone had told me that there was any possibility that Mirena would have negative side effects similar to BCP, I wouldn't have had it inserted, because I've had negative experiences with BCP, as well. But all I was told initially was that I was likely to bleed for a few months and then would settle into having light to no periods. While this is the case for most women, for those of us who react negatively to synthetic hormones, it can be quite different. My sudden weight gain, acne, lethargy, and violent mood swings bordering on depression were no accident. They began about a week after the insertion and ended roughly one month after the removal - there is no doubt in my mind or in the mind of my competent and licensed physician that they were caused by the levonorgestrel in the Mirena IUD. My sole intent was to inform her that it can happen, because it can. This is a good source of anecdotal evidence of women attesting to the same or very similar side effects of what I experienced.

Many women can attest to the negative side effects that are similar to those caused by other forms of HBC. Many others experience no problems or very few problems with Mirena. I believe I stated both of these facts very plainly and concisely without jumping to the conclusion that the poster would, undoubtedly, have problems with Mirena because she's had problems with other HBC. I did my best to provide non-biased, factual information that would help her make an informed decision.

I do apologize for my second comment, which was perhaps a touch rude, but it is hopefully plain to all that the subject of Mirena is a sensitive one for me.

I hope that this post has cleared up any confusion, negativity, or perceived inaccuracy in my original comment.