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Birth Control Community Discussion

BirthControl Community Discussion
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A forum for discussing subjects related to the running of the LJ Birthcontrol community.

This is the community for questions about the Live Journal community Birth Control. Questions about birth control go there, questions or concerns about the community go here.

Examples of appropriate posts for this community are questions about appropriate posts in birthcontrol, questions about rules or rules violations, questions about warnings, post deletions or bannings.

Because of the nature of the information, birthcontrol really isn't a chatty community. We're a fact-based community, looking to get correct information in the hands of people who need it.

Please review the community rules carefully. They will be strictly enforced, and not knowing them will not excuse you from the consequences of breaking them.

birthcontrol is run by mslaynie. Your other moderators are (in alphabetical order):
dindin, karolijn, tisiphone, thette

Questions or comments regarding this community should be directed to the moderators in bc_talk. Comments in their personal journals regarding this community is not appropriate and may lead to banning.

Please remember that we are not medical professionals, we are not qualified to give medical advice, nor will we. Nothing here should be a substitute for advice from your own medical professional. However, any advice we do give will be backed by quality scientific sources.

Community Rules: Revised 9/11/08

Community posts are currently moderated. We will approve them as quickly as we can and hope to return to unmoderated posting as soon as possible

1. Check the FAQ
Most topics have been thoroughly discussed and saved in the community memories. Check them before you post, you may find your answers there. (And if you've checked them, please let us know! )

If you're on "the pill", please tell us which brand! We usually need to know that to be able to help you.

2. Read your insert

All hormonal birth control methods come with an insert that contains information about dosage, instructions and potential side effects. It's very important to take your pills as described in your insert - if you miss a pill, follow the instructions provided there (and if you've already read that and don't understand, let us know so we can clarify!)

Many name brands also have a website - don't be afraid to try Google first. If you want to take your pills in a way that is not described in the insert, talk to doctor or pharmacist about options that will ensure that you're still protected.

If you don't have your instruction sheet, most brands are linked to at pillpamphlets.

3. Types of posts we don't accept

a) We get so many posts about potential side effects of hormonal birth control and which brand to take, so we’ve put together this Side Effects FAQ to answer them. Since no one's experiences on a brand can predict your experiences, this is the only answer possible for us to give.

We do not allow posts with the following types of questions:

Do you like this brand?
What brand should I take?
What brand should I switch to?
What side effects did you have on this brand?
What side effects will I have on this brand?
My doctor prescribed me X, is this a good pill?
Is X brand good/bad for x side effect?

b) Please keep your posts in a standard font size, color and formatting. The moderators reserve the right to automatically delete any post they feel is unreadable.

As a courtesy to those reading your post, net/chat speak is strongly discouraged. Please take a moment to check your post for basic spelling/grammar.

3. No rumors or misinformation

This means not giving any information you can't you can't link to a valid scientific source for. Personal experiences are welcome, but should be presented as such, since people have very different reactions to any particular brand or method. 'I did X and I never got pregnant' is not allowed, because it doesn't mean the activity was or wasn't safe. All we know is that you didn't get pregnant.

This community can provide advice only. Even those in the community with medical training can't diagnose or prescribe over the internet. We can't recommend a brand, or give medical advice, but will be happy to give you ideas and information to help you talk to your health care provider.

4. No drama/attitude

Keep things polite and non-judgmental. Birth control is a personal, sensitive topic for many people, and we want this to be a comfortable community for everyone. We're here to have constructive, respectful dialogue, and that includes when we have to have our facts checked, clarified or debated, and we ALL have had our facts checked at one point. Take it as a learning opportunity, not a personal offense.

No deleting your own or others' comments, or your own post. There's rarely a reason for it, and it's quite frustrating and rude to the other members involved.

Deleting your own post will result in an automatic temporary ban. Members will be banned, but not removed and can request re-entry to the community in bc_talk.

If you have a paid account, you can follow the instructions here to learn how to edit a comment. All members can edit their posts, following the instructions here.

If you have any privacy concerns, please feel free to create a "dummy" or "community" journal for posting. Creating a separate journal only takes a minute or two.

If you notice a problem or have a concern, please contact us in bc_talk.

5. No promotion of illegal activities

The selling or giving of prescription medication to anyone other than who it was prescribed for is dangerous and illegal and is not allowed here. If you have extra packs you want to get rid of or you require emergency packs, speak with your doctor, pharmacist or nearest clinic about your options.

In regards to any discussion, mention or promotion of unproven, non-medically recommended (by major medical bodies) or herbal methods of male or female birth control including but not limited to Centchroman/Saheli: any comments of this nature will be immediately deleted by the moderators and considered an official warning for the commenter. This community is committed to accurate information regarding all methods of clinically proven birth control. These methods do not fit that criteria.

The non-judgmental discussion of recreational drug use is allowed as it relates to birth control, however the promotion or glorification of this activity is prohibited.

6. Only on-topic posts

No posting of quizzes, community promos, or things that would fit better in your personal journal.

"Am I Pregnant" type questions are welcomed in am_i_pregnant. Cross-posts will be automatically rejected from the inappropriate community. We run both communities and you're likely to receive the same replies.

All polls, advertisement, community promotion or other promotion of any kind must be cleared by the moderation team in bc_talk prior to posting. Only on-topic posts will be considered.

Rules Violations

1. Your first rules violation will result in an official moderator warning.

2. Your second rules violation will result in an automatic 2-week banning. After 2 weeks, you can request reinstatement in bc_talk.

3. Your third rules violation will result in an automatic permanent banning, and removal from the community.

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